Why AdRev

In our experience, unless you are a major or independent label, publisher, or distributor with rights to tens of thousands of recordings, you will likely not be able to gain access to YouTube's system. Furthermore, working within the system requires extensive knowledge of XML scripting, metadata organization and preparation, YouTube CMS, Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and secure ftp automation that require training and experience. A dedicated in-house team is necessary to properly administer YouTube monetization - from manual claiming to dispute mediation and asset conflict resolution. In addition, micro synchronization opportunities and music promotion across our MCN (which has its own direct ad sales partners) work to ensure that the earnings optimization and cost savings you experience from partnering with AdRev far outweigh the small revenue share percentage (the lowest in the industry) that we keep for our administrative services when you consider going at it alone. Just a few of the reasons why nearly all of the major music publishers have opted to place some of their repertoire with an administrator like AdRev .
We manage sound recordings and compositions for most of the major production music libraries such as Universal Publishing Production Music, Warner/Chappell Production Music, Extreme Music and many others. We also manage YouTube monetization for most of the big independent libraries and superstar composers like Thomas Bergersen (Two Steps from Hell) and Jack Wall (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare). On the composition side, we work with songwriters like Bob Dylan, John Fogerty (Creedance Clearwater Revivial), Joshua Mosser (Imagine Dragons), and popular one hit wonders like Kung Fu Fighting.
72 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds. The majority of these uploads contain unlicensed material, including music! AdRev helps you protect your rights and the value of your music by generating revenue and providing insight into how your music is used on YouTube.


No, all we need to get started is a file and a title!
We need a copy of your file so we can create an audio fingerprint in the YouTube system to locate videos containing your music.
Mp3 files 10MB or less in size. This will accommodate long recordings if you compress them to 128kb/s.
Once you register and upload a track that's approved, you can then link your YouTube channel and we will white list your channel so that it does not receive any claims for matched content from AdRev and you are free to keep 100% of the earnings on that channel, subject of course to any revenue share agreements you may have in place with YouTube or an MCN.
ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. An ISRC is a unique code applied to any music file that is released digitally to retail (ie to iTunes, Amazon.com or Google Play). If you have released your files to retail, then they have an associated ISRC which you can include in your upload data. However this data is not required, and we can generate a placeholder ISRC for you if you do not have the data available or have not yet released your files to digital stores.
Absolutely not, it just needs to be your own original production/composition.


At this point in time we are not accepting cover songs. This may change in the future and if and when it does you will receive an email notification regarding any change in policy.
By uploading files to AdRev, you are simply granting us the exclusive rights to administer that file within the YouTube system for a term of 1 year.
Exclusive rights are required to administer files in the YouTube system.
Of course! You will still have full control over all your copyrights.
Absolutely Yes!!! If you have sold your master recording to a label, or the master has otherwise been bought out by any such third party, then you should not upload that material to AdRev. If you're not sure, contact us before uploading the file.
If no other third party has purchased the rights to the master and you have not released the rights to the master to a label or another third party, then chances are you still control it. Our team of copyright experts are here to assist you if you are unsure. Just send us an email.
Yes, AdRev is currently not accepting cover songs. However if you produced a new, original production of a public domain composition, then it is ok to upload that file to our site. Confused? Drop us a line.
The composition is the musical elements contained in your sound recording. If you wrote/composed the music from scratch, then you control the composition rights! If you are unsure, contact us.
Of course! Being a member of a PRO is not required to upload material to AdRev.
If a user has not properly licensed your material, they have two options- allow ads to run, or have their video taken down and receive a copyright strike on their channel.
You can license your material to a label and / or publisher but your contract should include an exemption/clause that you retain the rights to administer the master on YouTube.
NO! Unless you are a label owner and/or have worldwide rights to the ORIGINAL master, you may not upload remixes of any kind.

Monetizing YouTube

Yes, we can! Please visit http://talent.adrev.net for more information.
Revenue is generated when a user takes an action on an advertisement (ie clicks through), or when a non-skippable pre-roll advertisement is run prior to a video streaming.
We'll create an audio fingerprint of the file and begin scanning YouTube for unlicensed use of your material.
Send us links to the videos and we will make sure they are monetized ASAP!
You still have the right to run advertisements on the video and collect revenue from it.
Absolutely. Within a couple months of your initial upload, we should have some data for you to review.


The royalty share is 80% to you and 20% to AdRev.
Revenue will vary greatly depending on the popularity of your music and how often it is uploaded to YouTube by other users. Many of the tracks that we represent at AdRev earn over $100 per day. There is good money to be made on YouTube. Sometimes the most random tracks will get used in videos that go viral and you'll be on the receiving end of those earnings if it's your track being used.
Payments are made via paypal.
We pay quarterly. You should receive your first payment about 6 months after your initial upload.
AdRev is a service that scans YouTube for unauthorized use of your music in YouTube videos. When a match is found, advertisements begin to show before, over, around, and next to those videos and in turn generate revenue for you.
You will receive data on each YouTube video detected, the number of month views, and the amount earned monthly, on a 2 month delay, i.e. January's earnings will be posted March 15th, February on April 15th, etc. You will receive your first payment approximately 5 months after your first upload (depending on the time of upload - i.e. beginning or end of a given fiscal quarter). From the time in which you receive your first payment, you will receive a payment from us every 90 days for each quarter in which you have grossed $5 or more. For additional details, see the FAQ Section titles "When do I get paid?".
It takes a couple months for us to generate some worthwhile data for your review.
It depends. If the advertisement is a non-skippable pre-roll, it will automatically generate revenue. If it is a skippable pre-roll, the user must not skip the ad. If it is an overlay or medium rectangle, then a user must click on one of the advertisements to generate revenue for you.
You'll receive a notification email when there is initial data for you to review. After that, the data will be refreshed every 30 days.
It's up to you how you would like us to handle your own videos/channel. We can run ads on your own videos, whitelist your channel so no ads run, or you could partner your channel with our Multi Channel Network at http://talent.adrev.net.
Payments are made on a quarterly basis, similar to what you may be used to with ASCAP and BMI. For net sums earned during the period January 1st to March 31st, payment to you shall be made by July 31st; For net sums earned during the period April 1st to June 30th, payment to you shall be made by October 31st; For net sums earned during the period July 1st to September 30th payment to you shall be made by January 31st; For net sums earned during the period October 1st to December 31st, payment to you shall be made by April 30th; For information on when you will see your net sums, amounts payable, and video stats published in your account, please refer to the FAQ section titled "When will I see how much I have earned?".

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